Organizers: , ,
and the , ,

The Workshop is supported by the , as one of its events.

The Workshop will take place in the of , , , from 1 to 4 April 2012.

The Local Organizing Committee includes members of the of :
Organizational Secretary:
Financial Secretary:

The Workshop will consist of 25 presentations (see the preliminary for details):

(A) 14 presentations will be given by contributors to the special edited by and . The idea is to have a format similar to the Faraday discussions. For each paper, the author will have 15 min to present the basic ideas and results of the study and 15 min for discussion.

(B) 9 presentations will report new results on surface forces in relation to the activities of ; they are denoted by '*' in the . Their format will be 20 min for presentation and 10 min for discussion.

(C) 2 keynote lectures (35 min + 5 min) by and .