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Vesselin L. Kolev, Ph.D., Research Associate
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Vesselin L. Kolev, Ph.D., Research Associate

Research interests:

Surface Tension of Surfactant Solutions: Data Processing
Detergency: Oil Drop Detachment

Curriculum Vitae:

In 1999 he got the degree M.Sc. in Chemistry from the Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University, Bulgaria, Major: “Chemical Physics and Theoretical Chemistry”. Since September 1998, he has been research associate in the Department of Chemical Engineering (DCE), Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University, Bulgaria. During the period February 2001 – February 2004 he was PhD student. He will submit his PhD Thesis for defense in the first half of 2008. His expertise includes various theoretical and computational techniques applicable in colloid science: numerical modeling and analysis of electro-kinetic phenomena (zeta–potential), static and dynamic surface tension etc. Also, he has experience in scientific computing (grid management and creation, incl. experience in OpenMosix, MPI, OpenAFS, Scientific Linux package creation etc.), computer networks, IT security, virtualization. So far, he has published 6 research articles, cited 50 times in the scientific literature.