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Veronika I. Yavrukova (Ivanova), Ph.D.
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Veronika I. Yavrukova (Ivanova), Ph.D.

Research interests:

Static and Dynamic Surface Tension
Micellization and Rheology of Surfactant Solutions
Protein Adsorption on Solid Surfaces by AFM
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1. Solubility of Ionic Surfactants Below Their Krafft Point in Mixed Micellar Solutions: Phase Diagrams for Methyl Ester Sulfonates and Nonionic Cosurfactants, K. Danov, R. Stanimirova, P. Kralchevsky, T. Slavova, V. Yavrukova, Y. Ung, E. Tan, H. Xu, J. Petkov, J. Colloid Interface Sci. 601 (2021) 474–485; doi: 10.1016/j.jcis.2021.05.147



1. Rheology of Mixed Solutions of Sulfonated Methyl Esters and Betaine in Relation to the Growth of Giant Micelles and Shampoo Applications. V.I. Yavrukova, G.M. Radulova, K.D. Danov, P.A. Kralchevsky, H. Xu, Y.W. Ung, J.T. Petkov, Adv. Colloid Interface Sci. 275 (2020) 102062; doi: 10.1016/j.cis.2019.102062

2. Cleaning ability of mixed solutions of sulfonated fatty acid methyl esters. V.I. Yavrukova, D.N. Shandurkov, K.G. Marinova, P.A. Kralchevsky, Y.W. Ung, J.T. Petkov, J. Surfact. Deterg. 23 (2020) 617−627; doi: 10.1002/jsde.12393



1. Sulfonated Methyl Esters, Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonates and Their Mixed Solutions: Micellization and Effect of Ca2+ Ions. V.I. Ivanova, R.D. Stanimirova, K.D. Danov, P.A. Kralchevsky, J.T. Petkov. Colloids Surf. A, 519 (2017) 87–97; doi: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2016.06.039



1. Sulfonated Methyl Esters of Fatty Acids in Aqueous Solutions: Interfacial and Micellar Properties. K.D. Danov, R.D. Stanimirova, P.A. Kralchevsky, E.S. Basheva, V.I. Ivanova, J.T. Petkov. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 457 (2015) 307–318.