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● 15.03.2017

Veronika Ivanova

MSc Thesis Defense of Veronika Ivanova, entitled "Sulfonated methyl esters of fatty acids in aqueous solutions: Surface properties and micellization".

Scientific advisors: Prof. Peter Kralchevsky

Reviewer: Assoc. Prof. Krastanka Marinova


● 15.03.2017

Vanya Petseva

MSc Thesis Defense of Vanya Petseva, entitled "Effect of NaCl and KCl on the phase diagrams of sodium and potassium carboxylates".

Scientific advisors: Prof. Krassimir Danov and Prof. Peter Kralchevsky

Reviewer: Prof. Theodor Gurkov


● 11.07.2016

Diana Cholakova

BSc Thesis Defense of Diana Cholakova, entitled "Control of drop shape during phase transition".

Scientific advisor: Prof. Nikolai Denkov

Reviewer: Dr. Konstantin Golemanov


● 11.07.2016

Peter Kotsev

BSc Thesis Defense of Petar Kosev, entitled "Mechanical strength of porous materials, prepared via foaming of carbonate particles and surfactants".

Scientific advisor: Prof. Slavka Tcholakova

Reviewer: Dr. Zlatina Mitrinova


● 21.03.2016

Maria Chenkova

MSc Thesis Defense of Maria Chenkova, entitled "Effect of short-chain surfactant on the dynamic properties of SLES + CAPB mixtures".

Scientific advisor: Prof. Slavka Tcholakova, Dr. Zlatina Mitrinova

Reviewer: Dr. Zahari Vinarov


● 21.03.2016

Joana Balabanova

MSc Thesis Defense of Joana Balabanova entitled "Anti-foam action of calcium soaps in detergent solutions".

Scientific advisor: Prof. Theodor Gurkov

Reviewer: Dr. Zlatina Mitrinova


● 21.03.2016

Theodora Tosheva

MSc Thesis Defense of Theodora Tosheva, entitled "Surfactant role on wetting behavior of thin films".

Scientific advisor: Prof. Slavka Tcholakova, Dr. Konstantin Golemanov

Reviewer: Assist. Prof. Svetoslav Anachkov