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● 05.07.2021 | Dilek F. Gazolu-Rusanova

Dilek F. Gazolu-Rusanova PhD thesis: "Preparation and stabilization of emulsions with modified natural emulsifiers"

● 26.05.2020 | Diana Cholakova

Diana Cholakova PhD thesis: "Spontaneous deformations of emulsion drops undergoing phase transitions"

● 05.07.2018 | Mihail T. Georgiev

Mihail T. Georgiev PhD thesis: "Investigation of three-phase particle / water / oil suspensions that harden due to the formation of capillary bridges"

● 23.05.2017 | Lidia M. Dimitrova

Lidia M. Dimitrova PhD thesis: "Foams and emulsions stabilized by hydrophobin HFBII and its mixtures with other proteins"

● 18.04.2016 | Gergana M. Radulova

Gergana M. Radulova PhD thesis: "Surface rheology of adsorption layers from the protein hydrophobin and its mixtures with other proteins: experiment and theoretical model"


● 22.03.2016 | Plamen V. Petkov

Plamen V. Petkov PhD thesis: "Monolayers of charged colloid particles on a liquid interface: Effects of interparticle forces and aggregation on surface pressure"


● 15.06.2015 | Liliya I. Vinarova

Liliya I. Vinarova PhD thesis: "In vitro studies of factors affecting cholesterol solubilization in the digestive tract"


● 21.04.2015 | Zlatina G. Mitrinova

Zlatina G. Mitrinova PhD thesis: "Control of dynamic foam properties by using cosurfactants"


● 06.04.2015 | Sylvia S. Tzocheva

Sylvia S. Tzocheva PhD thesis: "Phase behavior of fatty acids and alchohols in mixed micellar surfactant solutions"