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Nadya I. Politova, Ph.D.
CV | Publications | Image Representation | Phone: +359 2 8161 650

Nadya I. Politova, Research Associate

Research interests:

Foaming and foam rheology
Physicochemical control of foam properties
Emulsification and emulsion stability




1. Factors Affecting the Stability of Water-oil-water Emulsion Films. N. Politova, S. Tcholakova, N. D. Denkov. Colloids Surf. A, 522 (2017) 608–620; doi: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2017.03.055

2. Coalescence Stability of Water-in-Oil drops: Effects of Drop Size and Surfactant Concentration. N. Politova, S. Tcholakova, S. Tsibranska, N. D. Denkov, K. Muelheims. Colloids Surf. A 531 (2017) 32–39; doi: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2017.07.085



1. Kinetics of Drop Breakage and Drop-Drop Coalescence in Turbulent Flow. S. Tcholakova, N. Politova, N. Denkov. Biomath Communications 3 (2016) 1–163.



1. Effect of Cationic Polymers on Foam Rheological Properties. N. Politova , S. Tcholakova , K. Golemanov, N.D. Denkov, M. Vethamuthu, K.P. Ananthapadmanabhan, Langmuir 28 (2012) 1115-1126.