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Prof. Nikolai D. Denkov, Ph.D., D.Sc., Corresponding Member of Bulgarian Acad. Sci.
Head of the Laboratory for Active Formulations and Materials
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Prof. Nikolai D. Denkov, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Research interests:

Foams, Antifoams and Detergency
Rheology of Foams and Emulsions
Food Emulsions and Emulsification
Colloid Crystals and Nanomaterials
Light Scattering and Electrokinetic Phenomena
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» ResearcherID (Web of Science): A-2065-2008
» Author ID (SCOPUS): 7004047885
» ORCID: 0000-0003-1118-7635

Curriculum Vitae:

M.Sc. in Chemistry (1987), Ph.D. (1993), Dr. Sc. (2007) and Professor (2008) in Physical Chemistry at Department of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Engineering (DCE), Faculty of Chemistry & Pharmacy, Sofia University, Bulgaria. Vice Dean of the Faculty (2004-2008), Head of Department (2008-2015), Deputy Minister (2014-2016) and Minister (2017) of Education and Science of Bulgaria. Visiting researcher in Nagayama Protein Array Project (Tsukuba, Japan, 1994-1995) and Department of Physical Chemistry, Uppsala University (Sweden, 2000); senior researcher in the Research Center of Rhone-Poulenc (Lyon, France, 1997-1998); and lead scientist in Unilever R&D (NJ, USA 2004-2005). His research includes experimental and theoretical studies on the formation, stability, rheology and applications of disperse systems (mainly emulsions and foams), on the methods for their characterization (rheometry, thin liquid films, light scattering, electron microscopy), on the use of surfactants for controlling the properties of disperse systems, and on the procedures for obtaining ordered colloid structures. So far, he has published over 150 research articles, including 2 papers in Nature and 1 in Nature Communications, 12 invited reviews in journals and 5 chapters in books, and is a co-author of 9 patents, cited over 6500 times in literature (h-index = 40). He has presented 122 lectures at international conferences (including 43 plenary and invited lectures) and 66 invited seminars in universities and research institutions. He has led over 40 projects with international companies, incl. Unilever, BASF, Saint Gobain, Wacker, Dow Corning, Rhodia, Heineken, Prodalysa, and others. Co-organizer of 2 conferences and 2 summer schools in the USA, France and Bulgaria. Supervisor and co-supervisor of 11 completed PhD Theses, and 2 other Theses are under preparation. In 2010 he was granted by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science with the highest National award "Pythagoras" for scientific achievements. In 2013 received the Medal of Honor with blue ribbon of Sofia University.

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