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Mila I. Temelska, Research Associate
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Mila I. Temelska, Research Associate

Research interests:

Contact Angles of Drops, Bubbles and Fibers
Surface and Interfacial Tensions




1. Physico-chemical Factors Controlling the Foamability and Foam Stability of Milk Proteins: Sodium Caseinate and Whey Protein Concentrates. K. G. Marinova, E. S. Basheva, B. Nenova, M. Temelska, A. Y. Mirarefi, B. Campbell, I. B. Ivanov, Food Hydrocolloids 23 (2009) 1864-1876.



1. Detachment of Oil Drops from Solid Surfaces in Surfactant Solutions: Molecular Mechanisms at a Moving Contact Line, P.A. Kralchevsky, K.D. Danov, V.L. Kolev, T.D. Gurkov, M.I. Temelska, and G. Brenn, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 44 (2005) 1309-1321.