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Prof. Ivan B. Ivanov, Ph.D., D.Sc.
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Prof. Ivan B. Ivanov, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Research interests:

Physicochemical Hydrodynamics of Liquid Films
Thermodynamics of Thin Liquid Films
Emulsions and Emulsification
Foams and Foam Films
Dynamics of Adsorption from Surfactant Solutions

Died in Sofia on the 15th of May 2018 at the age of 82.

Curriculum Vitae:

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (1960), Ph.D.(Moscow State University, 1967), D.Sc. (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,1977)., Associate Professor (1969) and Full Professor (1980) of Physical Chemistry. He has been Vice-Dean (1969-1973) and Dean (1980-1987) of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Sofia. He is the founder (in 1983) and first head (1983- 1993) of the "Laboratory of Thermodynamics and Physicochemical Hydrodynamics", which was renamed in 1999 "Laboratory of Chemical Physics and Engineering" and was eventually upgraded in 2009 to "Department of Chemical Engineering". At the start the Laboratory consisted of 1 professor, 1 research associate, 1 PhD student and 1 chemist and had virtually no scientific equipment. Within 10-15 years, thanks almost exclusively to projects with Bulgarian industrial companies (until 1989) and with multinational companies and international institutions afterwards, it grew up to 20-25 people and became a reasonably well equipped and internationally recognized center of Surface and Colloid Science. In 1984 Prof. Ivanov conceived and organized a new major, Chemical Physics and Engineering, which was attended every year by the 10 best students of the Faculty of Chemistry. In cooperation with several European universities he organized the training of about hundred students in two Tempus projects (1992-1998)-most of the alumni are presently scientists in Bulgaria and abroad. He has been supervisor of 22 Ph. D. students-one of them is presently member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 11 are Full Professors and 9 are Associate Professors or Lead Scientists in Bulgaria, USA and UK. He has conceived, negotiated and supervised a total of 43 projects (some of them renewed several times) with Bulgarian and international institutions and companies such as Unilever (1997-2008), BASF (2003-present), Kruess (2002-2008), Japan R&D corporation (1990-1995), Kraft (1991-2007), Colgate (1991-2002), Volkswagen Foundation (1991-1997), Tempus (1992-1998), Rhone Poullenc/Rhodia (1996-2004), Dow (1994-1996), Copernicus (1998-2001), NATO (2002-2005) etc. He has been visiting professor or senior researcher and gave courses on Surface and Colloid Science at Columbia University, New York (1977-1978, 1993), University of Rochester, NY (1979), Université "Pierre et Marie Curie" in Paris (1987), Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago (1990-1992), Moscow State University (1992), University of Sao Paulo (2007), Du Pont de Nemours, Wilmington, Delaware (1994) and Petroleos de Venezuela (1996). He is author of 198 research papers (cited 6973 times, h-index 43); among them are 11 invited chapters in books and 4 patents (2 in USA and 2 in Germany). He has co-authored a book (Colloids, Khimia, Leningrad,1970) and edited the monograph Thin Liquid Films, M. Dekker 1988. He was organizer and Chairman of the International Symposia "Thin Liquid Films" (Sofia 1982) and "Surfactants in Solution” (Varna 1992), has been member of the Organizing Committees or Session chairman of 34 International Conferences and has given 39 invited and 9 plenary lectures at international conferences and 110 invited seminars in universities and industrial companies all over the world. He has been member of the Editorial Boards of four International Journals .For significant scientific achievements he was awarded (by the president of Bulgaria) the national orders “Sts Cyril and Methods”-1st degree and “1300 years of Bulgaria” and by the University of Sofia the medal "St. Kliment Ohridski" with Blue Ribbon. He was also awarded by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Sofia University the 1990 national prize "Asen Zlatarov" for best article in chemistry. To commemorate Ivanov’s 70th anniversary the journal Colloids Surf. A published in 2006 two volumes (282 and 283) with articles by 165 scientists from all over the World and with an biographic Introduction Ivan B. Ivanov: Remarkable Figure in Colloid Science.(pp.1-7)

October, 2013