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List of equipments available in the Department of Chemical Engineering:

  1. Commercial instruments

  2. Home made setups


A: Commercial instruments:


B: Home made setups (incl. original methods and procedures, developed in LCPE or DCE):

  • Setups for thin liquid film formation and observation:

  1. ─ capillary cells for studying horizontal foam and emulsion films;

  2. ─ modified capillary cell allowing exchange of the film-forming liquid;

  3. ─ porous cells for horizontal foam and emulsion films and Π(h) isotherms;

  4. ─ circular, rectangular, three and four leg-cells for studying vertical foam films;

  5. ─ high pressure thin film balance for studying foam films.

  • Film trapping technique for determination of contact angles of micron-sized particles, and measurement of the critical pressure for entry.

  • Foam generation and characterization (stability, liquid drainage, coarsening, etc.):

  1. ─ Ross-Miles test;

  2. ─ Bickerman test;

  3. ─ Bartsch test;

  4. ─ Shake test.

  5. ─ Perforated disk beating method.

  • Method for measuring the rate of oil solubilization in solutions

  • Squeeze flow rheometer (for characterization of complex fluids)

  • Narrow gap homogenizer (for emulsification in turbulent flow)

  • Thin layer chromatography (for characterization of fat hydrolysis by enzymes)